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Partnering with italian craftsmanship's 

The excellences of the Italian craftsmanship in partnership with Azimut Benetti Yachts

Thus the leader in the yachting industry ensures its clients a unique experience, combining technology, design with the care and emotion that only the highest Italian craftsmanship products can offer.

The exclusive Azimut's jacquard 

The combination of fine yarns woven in Italy, combined with the Azimut style allowed the creation of a prestigious jacquard fabric exclusively made for the Azimut's yachts owners.

An elegant jacquard 100% satin cotton, available in white and oyster, that brings charm and exclusivity on your yacht.

Unique Italian fabrics that cares of the environment

The human being and the environment are the heart of our philosophy. 

Through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) we guarantee organic textile products obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all the levels of production. From the natural fibers collection on the fields, to the subsequent manufacturing phase, up to the labeling of the final product.

All fabrics follows OKEO-TEX certification criteria, an extra guarantees of eco-compatibility and absence of harmful substances.

Tailored is the "motto"

APR Luxury linen’s distinguishing trait is the ability to create tailor-made linen collections thanks to the rich technical drawing database available. All our products can be also enriched with embroidered decorations such as initials, family crests or monogram.